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Forever Home is a retro RPG that takes inspiration from SNES and PS1 classics.
• 30+ hour emotional story with adult-oriented themes
• 30+ hours of story-driven meaningful sidequests
• Action turn-based battle system
• Powerful original soundtrack
• Skill learning system
• Weapon/armor slots for stat boosting and magic
• Equipment/item crafting
• Monster catching
• Rank based Colosseum
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Galaxy Hero is a top-scrolling shoot-em-up RPG hybrid for Android phones. It's like Final Fantasy mixed with Raiden or Strykers.
• Blast through waves of enemies using various weapons
• Earn EXP to increase your spaceship's power
• Clear stages on the World Map to unlock new areas
• Earn items to recover health, increase critical hits, slow down time,
or unleash powerful attacks
• Equip weapons of different elements to deal greater damage
to elemental enemies
• Install drives to change your ship's abilities
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Email: FoppyDev@gmail.com